FotoExpres company is located on Main Street 101 in the center of Prešov, Slovakia. The founders of the company are John Jedlák and his wife Bozena Jedláková who decided to create a company whose purpose would be to create high quality photos for customers. They have led the company successfully for more than 20 years. Later, the company began to provide more options than just making pictures. It was printing on personalized gifts and accessories sales needed to take photos. These products have become very popular among all age groups. Company makes the offer of these items wider and wider. This trend has been preserved until today and they offer very wide range of products. FotoExpres company offers more than 50 different kinds of gift item printings for customers. The word impossible almost doesn`t exist for company. The handy staff is fulfilling all customers needs for many years.

"Our goal is to meet all the customer's wishes and produce a best product possible."

Company is capable of processing photos from classic films as well as from digital media on one of the most quality and fastest minilab in the world FUJI Frontier 570, which is able to produce up to 2000 prints per hour and the biggest photo size is up to 30x45 cm. In addition, company is also able to produce panoramatic photos, atypical sizes of photos and ID photos. Company offers photographing for ID purposes, technical photos, report or wedding photos.