§1 General terms

These Terms of Use FOTOEXPRES Online Order Form (the "Terms") contain basic information on how to order photographic services provided by the portal www.fotoexprespo.sk and about particular way of ordering and receiving of the printings orders. The owner of the website is www.fotoexprespo.sk:

FotoExpres Jedlák s.r.o, Hlavná 101, 08001 Prešov, Slovakia. IČO: 50118226, IČ DPH: SK2120189874

§2 Terms of order

A person who uses the service FOTOEXPRES (hereinafter "Client") can order print of the images through FOTOEXPRES service without prior registration. By order confirmation Client agrees to these Terms. Photography and printing services are provided pursuant to a valid offer and price list published on the website: www.fotoexprespo.sk
Photography services provided by the portal FOTOEXPRES include image printing on gift items from files saved in following file formats: .jpg, .gif or .png and sent by Client via FOTOEXPRES order form located on portal www.fotoexprespo.sk. In the event, when the client wants to have printed on a black T-shirt and does not want the whole area of ??the image to be printed, but only part of it (for example, white letters on a black T-shirt), it is necessary that the transparent image is sent to us as a Portable Network Graphics = with the suffix .png
Transparent picture is picture without the background image, where are represented only elements to be printed. When ordering T-shirts it is necessary to specify the size of the T-shirt in your comment message, or other wishes such as inserting text or placing the text. Unless otherwise specified in comment, normally is always printed to the front side of the product (for t-shirts it is chest, mugs are printed on the left area starting from the handle = righthander). Order of the FOTOEXPRES form are handled by FOTOEXPRES Prešov only. After sending your order to us and its acceptation, it is sended "Confirmation of the order" to the Client email address specified in the order. Orders will not be accepted if there is:

  • doubt about the contents of the order;
  • incorrectly completed registration form;
  • some damage in received files;
  • circumstances that prevent full or partial execution of the order.

  • The Client will be informed about the refusal of the order mentioned in paragraph 7, only if it did not allow misstatement contact to Client.

    §3 Terms of delivery

    Ready order will be shipped via Slovakia post cash on delivery service within 5 working days from order. In case of personal pickup by Client, products will be ready in Company in 24 hours after placing your order.

    §4 Delivery time

    All orders are carried out with the highest care and are made as soon as possible, but no later than 5 working days from sending of the order by Client.

    §5 Price list and payment

    Client pays for the services at a price calculated according to the rates published on the website www.fotoexprespo.sk at the time of ordering. The client can choose the payment method from the following options:

  • payment in cash when picking up your order at Company;
  • payment "cash on delivery" (if Client chose sending via Slovakia post service);
  • §6 Preservation of order

    After completion of orders are all Photos / files sent to us by Client removed from the computer memory. Photos / files of clients are stored on the server managed by FOTOEXPRES until the moment of their removal by FOTOEXPRES. Sending of orders for printing on gift items containing illegal character in any manner contrary to the generally applicable legislation, in particular calling for racial, ethnic and religious intolerance, containing pornography, professing fascism, Nazism, communism, promoting violence, offending religious feelings of others and expanding image of persons who have consented to placing his image in FOTOEXPRES is prohibited.

    §7 Complaint

    For purchased and delivered services and goods may be, if they conflict with the order, accepted complaint. Any complaint must be applied at address of Company. The condition for complaint procedure is description of all objections to the product or service. When complaint is accepted, it is necessary to deliver the product to address of Company in which the service was provided, along with bill - proof of purchase. In case of unjustified complaint all expenses are paid by the client. In the case of shipments by mail and case of damaged package, write down a record of the damage in the presence of postal workers and do not accept mail. By accepting the damaged package despite the finding of obvious damage to the packaging, indicates that the Client have no objections and accepts it.

    §8 Copyright

    Acceptance of these terms is identical with submitting a statement by Client, that he owns all copyrights to the materials sent and photo files. In case of copyright violation of third parties as a result of the Client's order execution, Client takes full responsibility. In the case of claims related to copyright applied by third parties is Client committed to solve each disputed case with third parties as soon as possible and exempts the company FotoExpres PhDr. Ján Jedlák, 101 Main Street, 08001 Prešov from any liability arising from the disposal and distribution of materials to which these rights apply.

    §9 Processing of personal data

    Order Confirmation in company FOTOEXPRES is identical to the expression of agreement to the processing of personal data in accordance with The Law on Personal Data Protection #428/2002 Z. z. on the registration form for the purpose of preparing orders. The administrator of personal data will be PhDr. Ján Jedlák FotoExpres.

    §10 Final provisions

    In matters not governed by these conditions, the relevant provisions of the Civil Code are applied. Content of this contract is available at the company's headquarters FOTOEXPRES and on the website www.fotoexprespo.sk

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